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Materys aims to transform the materials and chemicals R&D industry.
We employ cutting-edge atomistic numerical simulations and cloud-based High-Performance-Computing, seamlessly managing complex simulations to offer materials characterization as a service This approach results in enhanced efficiency, higher volumes of data processing and validation, reduced costs, and ultimately paves the way for groundbreaking discoveries in new materials development.

Mission & Vision

Better Future

Materials discovery from down in the ground to up above the clouds

At the heart of Materys's mission is a larger, transformational ambition. We aim to facilitate a transition from an era defined by resource extraction to one inspired by creation and innovation.

Our goal is to re-imagine a future where scarcity gives way to abundance, a world where the potential for discovery and innovation in materials science is within everyone's reach.

Our vision at Materys is to catalyze a paradigm shift in the industry, democratizing the use of advanced nanoscale materials design tools.

Core Team

Team Member

Enrico Siagri


Team Member

Riccardo Bertossa


Team Member

Ivan Carnimeo

Research & Technology

Team Member

Sebastiano Bisacchi

Product Development

Team Member

Stefano Baroni

Scientific Advisor

Team Member

Roberto Siagri

Business Advisor

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Operational Headquarters

Via Beirut 2-4, Trieste

I-34151 (TS)

Italy, c/o SISSA

SISSA Startup

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Piazza Garibaldi 14

33013 Gemona (UD)


C.F/P.I: 03095780304

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